What England needs to happen to qualify for the Cricket World Cup semi-finals

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It’s as if we have gone back in time in the last week with the England Cricket Team. Firstly, a defeat to Sri Lanka when chasing just 232 was unimaginable, followed by a crushing 64-run defeat to Australia has put our world cup ambitions on hold. It’s not all doom and gloom yet, but it’s very close!

Obviously if England win their last two games it will all be fine and we will all wonder why we were panicking in the first place. The fact that we haven’t beaten India or New Zealand in a World Cup since 1992, and that they are both above England in the table, is cause for concern.

Pakistan beating New Zealand yesterday was very unhelpful to say the least. This has brought them within a point of England with Afghanistan and Bangladesh their last 2 games. The trouble for England is that Bangladesh are just one point behind too. England either needs some rain (sadly a heatwave is forecast) or for Bangladesh to beat Pakistan and then India to beat Bangladesh.

And then there’s Sri Lanka who are just two points behind England with South Africa, West Indies and India left to play. That could easily (hopefully) be 3 defeats.

So, if Bangladesh beat Pakistan, India beat Bangladesh and Sri Lanka win just one of their last 3 games, England just have to beat either India or New Zealand. It’s that easy!

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