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When creating bespoke schools and groups tours, Venatour does not just specialise in sport.

That was why we were delighted to have the opportunity to operate Park House School’s recent Cultural Tour to Japan.

To add to the excitement, the group were jetting off to Japan during the Rugby World Cup. Having spent over a month in the country for the tournament, Venatour had real insider knowledge about this wonderful destination and combined with the local guides, Park House were in for a truly authentic cultural experience.


England Rugby Summer Tour of Japan 2020


As they touched down in Tokyo, Park House were met by Keiko Joji and Miyuki Miyazaki, our local guides who would accompany the group throughout their stay in Tokyo.

First stop was a sightseeing tour of the Asakusa Area in Tokyo before the school checked into Hotel Lumiere Nishikasai and headed out to a local restaurant to sample the food of Japan.


Park House School try traditional Japanese food

Park House School try traditional Japanese food


Despite being 5,000+ miles away from England, Park House’s first day saw them go back to school – but not as they know it! The group were given the opportunity to experience life in a Japanese school, hosted by Shinagawa School.

The following day, the group headed away from the bustling sights of Tokyo to the rural and serene Hakone. The peaceful area is famous for its views of Mount Fuji, but also boasts Lake Ashi, old sections of the cobbled Tōkaidō Road and steaming hot springs.

Mt. Fuji rising above Lake Ashi

Mt. Fuji rising above Lake Ashi


After a wonderful day of sightseeing, the school visited the University of Tsukuba where they experienced another day of hosting before going to the Eltorioto Nishi-Kasai Branch.


The following morning, the group caught the world-famous bullet train, where Park House sped to Osaka in just two hours.

Upon arrival, the tourists were welcomed by their new tour guides Yumi Masaki and Etsuko Sakao before eating traditional food at a local restaurant.

An exciting afternoon was in store in Osaka, including journeying past Kodai-ji Temple and Kiyomizu Temple, which both offer stunning views of the city from the serene hillside.

Japan School Trip

Osaka Castle


The following day in this historic city was a visit to Osaka Castle. The castle played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century under the rule of Shogun. The imposing castle structure towers five stories on the outside and eight stories on the inside, and is built on a tall stone foundation.

In the afternoon, Park House dived into the culture of Osaka by visiting the bustling Namba.

After checking out of their Osaka hotel, the group hopped back on the bullet train to Hiroshima, the sight of a tragic WWII atomic bomb.

This moving part of the trip was an important stage as the pupils discovered the tragedy and loss of life associated with the devastating event that made Hiroshima infamous

After their visit to Hiroshima, Park House headed back to Osaka for their last night in Japan before jetting back home to England.

We would like to thank Park House for being such a brilliant group to work with and we hope you enjoyed your tour!


Inspired by this tour and want to create your own perfect sporting experience? Email ian@venatour.co.uk or call 01242 650192.


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