Slide Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival Perth 2023

Perth World Rugby Festival

19 - 26 MARCH 2023

Explore the many sights and sounds of this stunning city. Play a few rugby matches in the true spirit of Golden Oldies, then re-live some of the highlights and stories of old in one or more of the endless local craft breweries or public establishments.

Remember the days when we had a ball on (and off) the rugby field? Playing the game we love alongside the best of mates and sharing all the good times afterwards? With Golden Oldies you can relive those glory days in Perth, state capital of magnificent Western Australia.

Sow the seed. Put your team together and join in the fun and festivities alongside fellow Golden Oldies from around the world! You’ll play matches in the spirit of Golden Oldies (with adapted tackle laws). You’ll have the chance to re-live all the action in Perth’s many hospitality sites. And you’ll have time to explore the sights, sounds and stunning surroundings of Perth and Western Australia.

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