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Perceptions can be misleading. Japan is now a very realistic destination for most schools and clubs. The Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Olympic Games in 2020 will raise the profile of Japan – so get in early! Australia saw a surge in tours back in the early 2000’s after they hosted the 2000 Games and we expect the same to happen for Japan.

Expect a welcome like no other as they take Tradition and respect to another level. Experience first hand local sport and try out new experiences such as Karate or try Kendo (But be sure to wear a mask!) A more recent addition to the Japanese sporting calendar is baseball, and if timing permits, well worth trying to get to a game.

History abounds and no trip would be complete without visits to Mt Fuji or of course the moving Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

Nicki Eliza Schinow

Lin Mei

Walter Mario Stein



All Year

Played to varying levels and we can arrange games against sides that match your level.


All Year

Played throughout the 4 islands. They love the premiership and any side associated with the UK is sure to be welcomed with open arms and lots of discussions about the club you support.


Sora Sagano

Erik Eastman


Arguably the country with the most culture that is still visible in every day life. Wherever you turn there is evidence of the deep regard the Japanese have for their ancestors and the traditions passed down through the generations.

Local schools love to host touring sides into their school and show off their traditions and of course learn more about where you come from!


Varies from city to city but a whole range of activities can be found in Japan. From winter sports in the North to trekking around Mount Fuji in the South. For culture, you are not short of shrines and temples to visit throughout the country. Japan is incredibly easy to get around: with its immaculate and very efficient public transport system. The shinkansen (bullet train) network runs all the way from South to North. The bullet train is a must on any trip to Japan.


As you might expect – some superb, quirky, modern establishments await your visit. With the traffic in the cities  – location is of course key and we know just the right spots for you to stay.


Combine this destination with:

Sports played: RUGBY, FOOTBALL

Approx flying time from UK:


  • Local English speaking partners on hand for support whilst on your tour
  • 24-hour emergency telephone assistance from the UK
  • ATOL protected

Call us for more information to discuss the options available to you!

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