Perceptions can be misleading. Japan is now a very realistic destination for most schools and clubs. The Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Olympic Games in 2020 will raise the profile of Japan – so [...]


“Give me your hand” – that is just the sort of welcome you can expect when arriving on these shores – always there with the hand of friendship, which extends over both sides of the white line. [...]


The days of communism are long gone. It’s not quite behind the iron curtain, but it is certainly a great option for those looking for something with plenty of culture and history and a little [...]


It’s Africa, but not as you know it. Vast swathes of the country are either desert or semi arid desert which makes for some interesting fauna and flora, seldom found in your more traditional [...]


Much maligned, but ripe and ready for unforgettable tours. Direct flights and a tremendous welcome make this a top notch tour to the Caribbean. The strong sporting culture blends marvellously [...]


India is without doubt one of the best places to tour with cricket and hockey to get that off the beaten track feel. You really do get a warm welcome in more ways than one. Once seen as a [...]


Making up most of the south west coast of South America, it can offer you a good two-week tour for both rugby and hockey which are played to a very good standard. British Schools make up the [...]


Every tourist you speak to who has been to South America on tour, has a glint in their eye as they recall their tour down here! There is so much on offer and you’d be hard pressed to find a more [...]


With the sheer size and variety available in the States is incredible, most tours tend to stick to a certain area, such as East or West Coast, Florida or the Mid-West. Wherever you go you can [...]


You are spoilt for choice with Canada. Do you go east, west of central or a bit of everything? The Eastern Seaboard is perfect for a tour in the summer months, where you can stick to the mainland [...]

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