Cooch’s Six Nations Mini Series: Scotland

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As we move onto Scotland, we have reached the end of Cooch’s Six Nations Mini Series! We really hope you have enjoyed reading them and we can’t wait for the tournament to resume in 2021.

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Please keep staying safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Q1. What opponents do you admire most?

I have a huge amount of respect for Scottish rugby players and count many as dear friends. I was extremely lucky to have toured with the Lions in 1989 which had a great group of players from north of the border.

My great mate Finlay Calder was captain, the first Scottish player to do this since Mike Campbell-Lamerton in 1966.  He was joined in the squad by more Scottish world-class performers in the Hastings brothers, John Jeffery, Gary Armstrong , Derek White,  Peter Dods, Craig Chalmers and, of course, my old club mate from Bath David Sole.

Q2. What was your most memorable game?

With the above players in mind, the game I remember most is 1990 at Murrayfield. Scotland had a Grand Slam on the line and England had come to Edinburgh to stop them. Sadly I wasn’t playing, but was in the televison studio as a pundit.

I will always remember the atmosphere. It was very tense and nervous. Scotland had the title in their grasp by dispatching the old enemy, but England would love to put a spanner in the works.

We were all predicting a fired-up entrance by the Scottish team, but to everyone’s surprise, Captain David Sole quietly walked his team out in single file with no theatrics, just very cool and focused.

It took the crowd, pundits, and more importantly, England by surprise.

We all realised this was going to be different and it was.

David Sole had cut his sleeve off his shirt to stop Jeff Probyn from being able to pull and lower the scrum (as you were allowed to do in those days of proper scrummaging! Showing my age, sorry!).

England were destroyed at the first scrum. The Scottish plan was certainly working. It set the tone of the game, at the men in blue were victorious with a hard-fought 13-7 win.

Scotland don’t win many titles. The celebrations went long into the night and as we all know, Edinburgh is a great city to party in!

Q3. How would you describe Scotland as a rugby nation?

What can you say about Scotland? They are one of the proudest rugby nations in the world. Anyone who has ever been to Murrayfield and witnessed ‘The Flower of Scotland’ being sung by masses of patriotic Scots will never forget the experience.

Out of all the countries that Scotland play, a visit from England is the big one. England are the Old Enemy. Form means nothing, it’s just a win at all costs game for the men in tartan.

The Scottish team in recent years have become much more consistent. Their performances have really improved and they’re not far away from competing with the best in the world, and that’s not just at Murrayfield.

Scottish teams of the past would have years of under achieving, and then out of the blue produce a side that was unbelievable. Sadly they would always strangely fade away again after a couple of seasons or so.

Scotland have always churned out world-class quality players who have served Scotland and the British and Irish Lions with Pride.

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