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At Venatour, one of the leading UK sports tour operators and travel companies, we cater to discerning sports fans right across the globe, with a broad range of exciting sports travel tours designed and put together by our team of talented sports and travel experts. If you are interested in sports such as rugby, cricket and golf, we have a great selection of fantastic sports travel packages from which to choose and we guarantee that whichever one you book, you will not be disappointed with your experience.

In addition to the variety of sports tours we have to offer, you can also book luxury hospitality packages for major sporting events held here in the UK, including The Ashes, Royal Ascot and Wimbledon as well as all the rugby and golf tournaments held throughout the year – we offer travel packages and tours for all major sporting events.

Whether you have always dreamed of watching Emma Raducanu at Wimbledon, traveling to France for Rugby World Cup 2023, or exploring New Zealand whilst watching an England Cricket Tour, the experienced sports travel professionals at Venatour can make all the necessary arrangements to guarantee you tickets, hotels, and flights so you can enjoy the perfect sporting experience.


With former British Lion Gareth Chilcott at the helm and a team with a plethora of experience in the UK sports tour operator field, you can rest assured that this particular sports travel company really knows what it is doing.

If you want to make sure that the sports package tours you join are professionally organised, great fun from start to finish and represent great value-for-money, don’t take any chances – call VENATOUR.

Sports travel tours organised by industry professionals

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I wanted to thank you for a wonderful tour. The hotel was incredible, the location was superb, and the whole experience with Venatour was fabulous. I specifically wanted to thank the team who were always available to answer any silly questions and did so with such a positive attitude! Overall the Venatour staff were amazing and the entire tour arrangements were faultless. My first solo experience overseas and I hope that I can travel with Venatour again!

England Cricket Tour of the West Indies 2022


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